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New Breakthroughs by JIAO Ning Research Team Published in Nature Chemistry

On October 29, the world-renowned academic journal——Nature Chemistry published online the breakthrough achievements made by JIAO Ning research team from National Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs, Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The paper is entitled "From Alkylarenes to Anilines via Site-Directed Carbon-Carbon Amination".

Figure 1.  A new amination method of Alkylarenes Carbon-Carbon

In this study, new applications of aromatic bulk chemical raw materials have been developed, and new synthetic ideas have been provided for the preparation of aniline compounds through the conversion of inert Carbon-Carbon. It is expected to provide new techniques and processes for the preparation of aromatic amines and cyclohexanone, which are important basic raw materials in medicine, material and other fields. 

Figure 2.  Application of amination method of Carbon-Carbon in lignin degradation and drug synthesis